SISTER Pictures Goes Global

Emerging B2B companies face unique challenges in the new global economy. When productions are delayed and resources are interrupted, it becomes harder to maintain the crucial connections that support and sustain your business. But when the going gets rough, the tough get creative.

The client

Like most industries, media production is powered by talent. A squad of visionary veterans decided to launch an independent, global production company to cultivate a new generation of creatives and storytellers. SISTER is the evolution of Sister Pictures, which established equity for itself in the UK as a producer of prestige television. Forming an entirely new entity in the U.S. market involved the rollout of a fresh identity, partnerships with some of the buzziest new media brands in the industry, and a continuous stream of high-profile project announcements.

The challenge

SISTER already had a number of award-winning shows coming out of the London office, but the pandemic had halted production in the United States. This created a challenge that’s not uncommon for B2B companies: how do you build excitement around products that are already in the pipeline, but may not hit the market for some time?

The job of the website

SISTER’s digital platform is a resource for established creatives in the entertainment industry who are looking for a studio or production partner for their next project. As a production company that just landed in Los Angeles, the website’s primary job was to introduce the region’s rich talent pool to the depth and quality of SISTER’s portfolio, as well as their established network of global industry partners.

The solution

To attract like-minded creators, we put storytelling at center stage. We positioned the new SISTER brand as a vessel for the work itself, without overshadowing the quality of the content. The site was strategically designed to quickly expose users to a slew of SISTER projects, while still allowing each property to make its mark. Visitors can choose to follow the steady stream of upcoming productions, or take a deep dive to see what is happening behind the scenes.

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