California Olive Ranch

Partners Since 2021
Help California Olive Ranch optimize its digital footprint by updating the overall site design and bringing its sister brand, Lucini Italia, into the same multi-brand e-commerce site.

California Olive Ranch is one of the leading producers of olive oil from California, Italy, and beyond – a key ingredient in great, everyday food. Creating a direct relationship with consumers is an important step towards household staple status, building both long-term brand equity and a performance-driven sales channel.

Create a single e-commerce website that cohesively houses both the California Olive Ranch and Lucini brands, tied together through the shared mission of helping people understand and make great food.

California Olive Ranch + Lucini + Headless Shopify
California Olive Ranch had tested the DTC waters through their branded websites, and came to Bukwild to help level up their customer experience and optimize the management of their e-commerce platform. The team’s top priorities were to move both brands into a single website, using a headless CMS that allowed for complete flexibility with brand and marketing content, while taking advantage of Shopify’s ecosystem for product subscriptions, bundles, and loyalty programs.

This team has gone to great lengths to create a range of Californian and Italian olive oils that are key ingredients to great, everyday food. Bukwild delivered an e-commerce platform that helps people who love great food choose the right oils and sauces for the right occasion, and helps the brand engage directly, creating repeat purchases and building towards long-term loyalty.

We have high aspirations for our ecommerce business. This new architecture will enable us to invest in marketing in ways that our old site could not. I couldn’t be more excited about the future. I’ve gotten nothing but praise from our team, and from our customers on the quality of the experience.
— Michael Fox
CEO, California Olive Ranch

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