The event heard around the world.

Coachella required a UX solution that served the user needs based on the lifecycle of the event, be it before, during or after.

Instead of offering users a ‘self service’ method of finding answers. we made the weighty decision to curate a series of guides, designed to meet their needs at the moment they had them.

We created a site that borrowed from the colors and scenes of the Coachella valley to echo the natural beauty of the grounds.

"Coachella is known to define premium quality in its festival experience — we gave them a digital experience that matched."
— Donald Fierros
Ethan Martin
Strategy Director

Strategy Lead

I love that Coachella was an intense information architecture challenge lurking under a shiny brand veneer, and we were able to build a very practical system to surface the information that matters most to their users as the event moved through its lifecycle.

Creative Lead

Bukwild’s roots come from music industry, so Coachella’s vibe came natural to us. But if you ask me the most impressive part of the relationship is that we created a design and development that was able to stand up for multiple years use and uphold its overall integrity.
Michael Starks
Senior Developer

Technical Lead

The challenge was to build a system that could be presented in multiple ways, and hold up over the years. With a deep dive into their data structure, we were able to address their needs, and add the Bukwild vibe, while maintaining a solid and professional tech stack.


UX + Visual Design
Front & Back End Development
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