Our society is at an inflection point where people are reevaluating their everyday habits and behaviors. New technologies, products, and services are being introduced to the world that will enable us to make more considered choices about the cumulative impact of small behaviors on our lives and our communities.

The Client
Nuro is a robotics company, working to make everyday life better through autonomous delivery vehicles. Their fleet of fully self-driving R2 bots are delivering groceries, restaurant takeout, and pharmacy orders to consumers today. Since Nuro’s delivery bots are fully autonomous and are only used to transport goods, not human beings, they have been able to completely re-think what a vehicle can be. All of the considerations that go towards making cars safe and comfortable for people: seats, radios, cupholders, etc. are removed from the equation. This makes for a small, fully electric vehicle that is designed to prioritize the safety of everyone around it.

The Challenge
As a technology pioneer, Nuro faces the challenge of not only differentiating their own brand, but shaping perception around the entire category of autonomous delivery vehicles. Introducing robots and gaining acceptance as a part of everyday life is a fraught proposition, given popular science fiction narratives and economic anxiety. In a space that is overrun with future-casting and vaporware promises, Nuro needed to make it clear that they are actually using robots to benefit everyday people, right now.

The Job of the Website
By workshopping through the needs of users coming to the site, and Nuro’s business requirements, it became clear that while there were multiple audience groups, in every instance, users were coming to the site with the expressed intent to learn something specific about Nuro. We arrived at the understanding that the job of the website was to serve as an educational tool, rather than a transactional marketing website.

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