Make believers of them all.

Nomadic came to us after creating the most deeply immersive, tactile, and realistic VR explorations ever developed.

With 99% of market audiences unfamiliar with VR, we had to create a brand that hard core gamers would instantly respect, while educating, tempting, and welcoming newcomers.

We provided strategic, creative, and technical leadership to define the brand at every consumer touchpoint. Leaning into universally relatable themes like wonder, excitement, adventure, and surprise, we developed a brand platform anchored in the fantastic: Make Believers. It is at once a badge of honor for users, and a mantra for the Nomadic team.

"To this day, "Make Believers" is in my top 3 favorite pieces of creative we've ever produced. The idea of Nomadic being an imagination platform that exposes everyday people to VR—a pretty magical thing, as it turns out—is one that resonates loudly, and it's gratifying to see that come through in all of the brand's touchpoints."
— Justin Jewett
Director of Business Planning
Ethan Martin
Strategy Director

Strategy Lead

Nomadic is competing in a white hot industry that is breaking all the rules and blurring the virtual and physical boundaries previously respected in VR, out-of-home entertainment, and gaming. The challenge in this rapidly growing category was to build instant brand recognition and communicate distinction for Nomadic itself, while also functioning as a container brand that could feature heavy hitting entertainment titles without competing with them visually.

Creative Lead

VR has a passionate, but narrow fan club. To make it mean something to the general mall-going crowd, our creative had to inform, disarm, and galvanize. We couldn't lead with the tech (even though it was awesome). Instead we had to get literal about what VR truly offers: a visit to another world, a walk around the imagination.
Robert Reinhard
CTO / Partner

Technical Lead

On the Nomadic point of sale kiosk, we used the Vuetify UI framework to rapidly spin up an interactive checkout experience to meet tight deadlines. Using AWS Lambdas and the Serverless framework meant we could largely ignore performance concerns at scale.


Brand Positioning
Brand Identity
UX + Visual Design
Digital Product Development
Technical Consultation
Retail Design
Brand Strategy
Campaign Development
Front & Back End Development
Strategic Consultation
POS Kiosk Development
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