Making dogs feel
better longer.

It’s pretty challenging to launch something into the market that the world has never known they needed. Even more difficult: to do so clearly, well-articulated and in record time for our studio.

This project required us to lean into iteration, testing and learning, and a focus on development and design flexibility from Day One.

Strategy Lead

"The response from our team on this engagement was incredible. Passion for learning, a willingness to fail, and (of course) intense love of dogs played a major role in the successful launch of the brand online."

Creative Lead

"Pets are our family, and with Gallant’s stem-cell technology, pet parents can keep their dog's 'puppy mentality' late into life. The idea that your dog, no matter what their age, can continue to run, jump, and play just like a puppy without painful procedures was our creative muse. Warm, playful, family moments paired with approachable and easy to understand procedural explanations, makes it a no-brainer to go with Gallant."
Robert Reinhard
CTO / Partner

Technical Lead

"Due to their eagerness to come to market, Jeff and I worked collabratively to build a product that fit the client's needs. Relying on Next.js we built a static site that helped expedite users through the checkout flow, not forgoing information, but providing just enough so pet owners could make the right choice for their pets."


Qualitative Research
UX + Visual Design
Front-End Development
Social Media Strategy
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