On a mission to kill the keycard.

With hardware designed to be loved, and software built to seamlessly handle complex security demands, Openpath was a new contender in an old guard world, just looking for their way in.

We partnered with Openpath to develop their brand from the ground up. From designing their brand identity, to developing messaging and creating a website experience.

The trick was to balance the importance of conveying the company’s legitimacy from a security standpoint, and evoking the sense of ease and frictionless navigation the brand promises to provide.

Ethan Martin
Strategy Director

Strategy Lead

The strategic insight for Openpath came by reversing everything we know about security and access control. Instead of focusing on what it inhibits, we chose to focus on what it enables. Openpath is as much about freedom, ease, access, connection and flow in the workplace, as it is about security, regulation and restriction.

Creative Lead

We approached the site and content from an “un-packable” point of view. This allowed us to set Openpath up for success with a site that included all the content needed to promote themselves inside and out.
Michael Starks
Senior Developer

Technical Lead

While working on Openpath we discovered many new ways to implement our stack. We also worked very closely with their project manager and formed a strong relationship straight with development. We iterated very quickly and were able to add lots of optimizations and niceties to the site.


Qualitative Research
Brand Identity Design
Front & Back End Development
UX + Visual Design
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