To everyone waiting for flying cars, they’re here.

Kitty Hawk’s Flyer is the first step in a long-term plan to provide personal flight to the general public. The Larry Page-backed startup was ready for a public face, and needed to convince a skeptical public that solo flight is real, and it’s here.

We fought the inclination to focus on features, and the award-winning design and engineering team, and put all our chips on championing the experience.

Our creative was designed to counter any associations we have with commercial travel – claustrophobia, boredom, frustration. Instead we aimed to tap into the original wonder of flight itself.

We've all dreamed of flying machines or at least I know I have and the people at Kitty Hawk are bringing that to reality. Our relationship with Kitty Hawk is a fantastic example of staying out front of an ever evolving business.
— Donald Fierros
Ethan Martin
Strategy Director

Strategy Lead

It’s a treat to really zoom out and consider how we function as a society. Kitty Hawk challenged us to think about how we chip away at changing people’s fundamental perception of human flight.
Nick Barry
Design Director

Creative Lead

Our goal for the Flyer site was to capture the raw emotion of flying for the first time. The rush of takeoff, feeling of weightlessness, and sense of freedom, all told in a cohesive way that introduces flyer, the first of its kind, to a new generation of flight enthusiasts.
Michael Starks
Senior Developer

Technical Lead

Kitty Hawk let us explore things in development that often go overlooked. We explored ideas of verticality and heights to try and capture the feel of flight by just visiting the website.


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