Building on
a Legacy.

Our engagement with Infotech felt more personal than your average project.

Something about the fact that they are a family-run business, through-and through; something about the fact that their legacy chops are matched, blow-for-blow with the futurecasting that their product designers and technologists do; or maybe something about the way that they worked with us and our process to make sure that they were set up for success moving into 2020.

Whatever it was, it felt like a true partnership, and we’re insanely proud of the work we were allowed to produce for them.

Ethan Martin
Strategy Director

Strategy Lead

"Infotech presented a unique challenge in that they have operated largely behind the scenes for the last 40 years. Their software and consulting teams have been the quiet brilliance behind some of the most important anti-trust litigation and infrastructure construction projects in the United States. We had the opportunity to help develop an umbrella position that would unify the company under a single ethos, and also elevate their parent brand identity to allow them to step forward and claim their rightful place as a leading technology and consulting company.”
Nick Barry
Design Director

Creative Lead

"We worked with Infotech, humble veterans of a tough industry, to develop a brand that positions them as the forward-thinking, people-centred, innovators they've somewhat secretly been for last 40 years.”
Michael Starks
Senior Developer

Technical Lead

“We worked closely in development with the team at Infotech and it really helped the process the whole way through. Being able to rely on and get quick responses from an IT/Server team is huge, and they really came through. I felt like I was just another person on their team.”


Brand Research
Competitive Analysis
Identity + Brand Creative
UX + Visual Design
User Research
Brand Positioning
Narrative Strategy
Website Development
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