Frequence built something brand new.

So new, in fact, that their team needed some help summing up everything it could do, and how it could help their specific target market.

Finding compelling ways to communicate the value of new technology is a common hurdle for innovators. Because if your audience can’t understand it, they have no reason to buy it.

The client
Frequence’s team of super-smart engineers invented a SaaS platform that gives traditional media companies a seamless way to assemble integrated product offerings, and then deliver those offerings through a single workflow system.

No idea what that means? That’s okay. All you need to know is that this tool addresses a huge need for the media industry. Why? Because the complex web of buying and selling advertising had spiraled wildly out of control and there wasn’t a modern solution to their workflow problem, until now.

The job of the website

The new site had three priority goals that informed our approach to development, design, and storytelling:

  • Educate the target audience on the features and benefits of the platform
  • Validate Frequence as a trusted innovator in the media industry
  • Establish a consistent visual and verbal vocabulary that could be adopted throughout the company

The challenge

Frequence didn’t just need a new website to sell their technology, they needed a branding and technology partner that could help them take a good look in the mirror, and figure out how to put their best face forward.

The solution

Visualizing a brand new tool that works entirely behind-the-scenes is no small feat. We popped the hood on the product, used several stacks of sticky notes, and created a conceptual shape system that demonstrates the software’s capabilities while lifting Frequence above the sea of sameness in their category.

Which comes first: the features or the benefits?

We tackled this important question with a 1-2-3 step punch on the homepage that pairs simple steps with conceptual animation. Step one introduces the Frequence framework software, step two summarizes the workflow system, and step three reveals the ultimate end-benefit for our audience.

The conclusion

The Frequence platform is a serious timesaving tool built by a seriously smart team, and the entire site is designed to reflect that gravity. You won’t find any cute analogies, playful puns, or superfluous sections. You will, however, see how our strategic visual + verbal storytelling gave Frequence the tools they needed to sell their groundbreaking technology to an audience that didn’t even know it existed.

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