DoorDash Open For Delivery

DoorDash connects consumers with delicious deliveries in their cities.

In the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, DoorDash needed a technology partner to help them deliver some very timely information to a very wary audience.


As restaurants around the country closed their dining rooms, DoorDash quickly took the lead in informing consumers that delivery is the safest way to support the 15.6 million people who serve us day in and day out.

Working collaboratively in a lightning-fast feedback loop allowed the DoorDash team to focus on finishing the campaign video, while we took on the challenge of turning a fledgling creative concept into a strategically built, written, and designed website in just 72 hours.

Along with assuring Americans that the food itself is safe, the Open For Delivery website also needed to quickly spread the news that ordering delivery is the only way to help your favorite restaurants weather the economic storm.

Showcasing real stories from local restaurants and community leaders instilled emotion and energy to an otherwise sterile food safety story.

This effort was meant to service something much bigger than any one brand. Rather than claiming ownership over an act of public service, we agreed that the reach and impact of the campaign could only benefit from including DoorDash’s competitors.

The decision empowered us to pursue a boldly unbranded aesthetic that uses calming colors and appetizing imagery to create an inviting digital environment that feels comforting and relatable to cautious consumers.

Consumers were ready to step up to the plate, but spending money during an economic crisis is a significant ask.

In order to tap into this collective positive energy, we gave visitors a variety of creative ways to show support and help their favorite restaurants stay #openfordelivery.

The week the US put the shelter-in-place order in effect I remember having a very stressful, very fearful day. I took a much needed break from the news and my laptop, went out to the living room to be with the family, turned on Sleepless in Seattle for a little Tom Hanks, then got a text from our friends at DoorDash, "We need your help".

The mission was timely and required the kind of energy our team was dying to burn — Restaurants are open for delivery, the food is safe, and if people don't know that soon and begin ordering some of our favorite local spots will go out of business. "We need the story, content plan, design, build and to go live in 3 days. Can you do it?"

Our team sprung to action and sprinted into the kind of collaboration that was both necessary and invigorating. I really couldn't have been more thankful to our client for trusting us and grateful to our team for answering the call and meeting the high demand.
— Ryan Vanni
Ethan Martin
Strategy Director

Strategy Lead

DoorDash created a beautiful message of hope and love and action, but needed our help to bring that message to life on the web. Close collaboration with the client, quick-on-our-feet thinking, and an iterative approach helped us launch Open For Delivery more than a week ahead of any of DoorDash's competitors' crisis campaigns, and crystallized our pride for our client, our team, and our capabilities.
Nick Barry
Design Director

Creative Lead

This wasn’t a sprint, it was a daring dash and true testament to how we can rise to any challenge, even during a pandemic. This project forced our small team to think harder, work faster, and dig deeper into our skill sets to quickly turn a big idea into a huge success.
Robert Reinhard
CTO / Partner

Technical Lead

Knowing our tight turnaround time, we deployed an off-the-shelf technology tool that could deliver a beautifully branded web solution as fast as was humanly possible. This practical approach allowed us to troubleshoot in real-time and embody a can-do “ship-it” mindset from start to finish.


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